- "Working with TNT Fitness is a pleasure. Not only is Tanika a tough trainer, she is a lot of fun. It seems as if she goes out of her way to make the workout fun as well as challenging. I was already exercising at home when I first began with TNT Fitness but working with TNT took me to another level…she showed me tips, techniques and new exercises that worked my body in new ways, causing wonderful results."

TNT Fitness is GREAT!

L. C.


-Taking classes with Tanika (TNT) helped me get a vision and a plan to lose weight and become more active. The classes are so much fun that you almost forget your exercising!!



- "My training with you & TNT Fitness began in 2007, of the recommendation of my wife. She had been impressed with the 'Exercise for Health' training you provided a group of youngsters @ Park Hill Community Center, in connection with the Louisville Links, Inc.- a service organization to which my life belonged. Initially, I was ambivalent about having a 'personal' trainer, since I had a superficial understanding of what a personal trainer did and was also an advocate of do-it-yourself physical conditioning, in no small part due to being frugal with my money. That was, until I saw you interviewed on a local television program on physical fitness.

The television host on the program was interested in exercises that anyone could do @ home or @ work with little to no equipment. You involved him in several seemingly simple exercises. I was impressed with the way you interacted with him, especially how you made adjustments in the exercises to fit the host's lack of conditioning and the limited space in the television studio. Additionally, I appreciated how you coached him through the exercises and explained , in very down to earth language, why you selected each exercise and what he could expect in terms of immediate and long term results. After that introduction to your approach to fitness training, I asked my wife to set up an appointment for me with TNT.

At this point, I should mention for anyone who reads this letter, that I am a retired male, over sixty years of age, with some physical limitations on account of a biking accident I had several years ago. Over the past two years, you have been my only personal trainer, coming to our house between two and three days each week. After your initial evaluation of my physical condition, you designed a program which combined a number of different exercises from several training philosophies. During that time, I have also had some changes in my health and you have ajusted my training program to accommodate those. In addition to the improvements in my physical conditioning as a result of your training, you have expanded my knowledge and understanding of why physical fitness training is important for improving and maintaining the quality of my life.

Because I am retired and am experiencing the changes that come with advancing age, I have had many questions about the implication of those changes for my physical training. What has been especially beneficial for me, has been that you understand my explanation of what I am feeling or experiencing, that your responses have included not only the 'what' but also he 'why' of those things, and that you have done research to answer my questions in those areas which were new to us both.

I hope that this brief testimonial is of benefit to you, because I feel that it does not do full justice to the positive impact working with you and TNT Fitness Training has had on my physical and mental well being."




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